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About Snave

The Snave Foundation is a privately run charitable organization, established by Anne & J. Morris Evans (deceased) in 1988. Snave is Evans spelled backwards.  Snave is a family-run organization, except for accounting, legal and investment administration.  The Foundation runs three grant programs at the direction of family members; Basic, Matching, and Major. 

How Grantmaking works at Snave

Members propose organizations for Basic ($1000 and less), Matching ($5,000 and less) and Major (up to $150,000) Grants.  One Basic Grant can be made by any member.  One Matching Grant can be made by each adult Member who contributed personal funds to a charity.  Major Grants require a family sponsor and a written application.

The Snave Foundation

1. Mission:
To provide support grants for not-for-profit educational institutions and charitable organizations in the United States that practice or reflect the ideals, values and standards consistent with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

2. Eligibility:
Only not-for-profit organizations (under Section 501 (c)(3) of IRS Code) are eligible for support grants. Such organizations and their programs and services must practice or reflect the ideals, values and standards consistent with the Religious Society of Friends.

3. Exclusions:
Annual campaigns, conference registrations, awards to individuals, research programs, and any indirect costs to eligible organizations not directly associated with the program.

4. Requirements:
At least thirty percent of the Foundation’s annual grant payments shall be to private primary, secondary or collegiate educational institutions with appropriate state or regional accreditation. Grant payments for a specific annual program or project shall be limited to three (3) successive years. Under special circumstances, the Foundation may elect to make grant payments over a longer period of time.

5. Priorities:
Originality and Innovation. Libraries, building or renovation projects, scholarship, outreach programs, or special designated purposes. Programs serving the poor and/or elderly to provide a newly or expanded type of service in their home and community.

6. Calendar:
Grants are distributed annually. Basic Grant applications and Matching Grant Applications can be made from January 1 to November 1.  By July 1, organizations are pre-qualified as major grant recipients.  Major Grant applications are Due October 1 and these grants are typically awarded in December.

7. Organization:
Six Trustees are charged with the operation of the Foundation.  The Grants Committee administers the Basic, Matching, and Major Grants programs.  The Finance Committee oversees the investments, maintains the accounts, establishes the budgets, and pays the obligations of the Foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can apply?

Any not-for-profit registered under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS Code

Who do you give it to?

The names of the charities who have received funds from us are a part of our public record, which can be found here. It takes a little digging toward the bottom of the form 990 that we file each year, but all of the recipients and the amounts given to them can be found there.

Why do I need a sponsor?

SNAVE is a private family foundation that is administered by family members. We continue to feel the need to limit the requests made to our Grants Committee to prevent burnout and to filter out inappropriate requests.

If it is after October 1, do I have to wait until next year?

Yes, if you want a Major Grant. Because our organization is small and is made up of volunteers, we only have one grants cycle per year. If you want to try for a Basic grant (up to $1,000) or a Matching grant (up to $5,000), you have until November 1.

If my organization was pre-qualified and received a grant in a previous year, do we need to go through the process again?

Probably. The Grants Committee can choose to waive this requirement if we have worked with the organization recently or frequently on other Major grants.

How much do you give out?

in 2022 $457,000 was given to about 60 different organizations.

When are applications due?

For Basic and Matching grants, the form deadline is November 1. For Major grants, applications are due on October 1. Major grants also usually require pre-qualification by July 1.

What if I don’t have a sponsor?

The answer used to be “sorry!”. But since we’ve opened our website, we added a feature that allows you to connect to a family member. While there are no guarantees that you’ll receive sponsorship or grant money, at least a few of our Members will look at your appeal and weigh it against other charities looking for funding. If you’d like to find a sponsor, click here.

How many organizations can one family member sponsor?

Three. One Basic, one Matching, and one Major, unless they are co-sponsoring a Major grant. In that case, it is possible to sponsor more than one major grant at a time, although it is rarely done.

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